What’s the difference between xbox 360 consoles?

Xbox 360 console differences

Below is a table of differences between the xbox 360 consoles.  This is to highlight what is or is not included in each version to help aid your buying decision.

  Xbox 360 Arcade Xbox 360 Premium

Xbox 360 Elite / Super Elite

Colour White White with silver DVD tray Black with silver DVD tray
Storage No hard disk, comes with solid state 256MB memory unit 60GB Hard Disk 120GB Hard Disk
250GB for Super Elite
Component Cable Not included – standard AV cable only included. New component or HDMI cable required for HD graphics Included Included
Ethernet Cable Not included Included Included
Xbox 360 Headset Not included Included Included
HDMI Cable Not included Not included Not included (was originally available with earlier consoles).
Backwards compatible Not available Original Xbox games Original Xbox games

The below list / specification is the same for each console (i.e. only differences are shown in the table above)

  • Connectivity: 3 x USB 2, 100 Megabit Ethernet, Infra-Red port.
  • Maximum of 4 wired or wireless controllers
  • 16 bit surround sound
  • Maximum 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution
  • ATI Xbox 360 – 256-bit – 2D/3D graphics acceleration
  • Video adapter memory – 10 MB – Integrated
  • 512 MB (512 MB) GDDR3 SDRAM – Integrated
  • IBM PowerPC 3 cores 3.2 GHz
  • 1 month gold xbox live trial included
  • HDMI port

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