Xbox 20GB Hard Drive – £12.99 Or Free 128MB Memory Card

The following information was received from a user of this site following contact by email.  The email states the following:


I found the following information on the net which may benefit the users of your site-

Microsoft are selling refurbished 20gb hard drives for £12.99 or giving away a free memory card depending on your system to encourage more users to use xbox LIVE.  The site with more information on this is-

Hope that helps

Thanks to the site user for that handy piece of information. Having checked out the link it appears to be true. Simply enter your serial number (found on the back of your console) into the box provided on the upgrade screen at the above address.  

Grab yourself a bargain hard drive if you are yet to have one or at least a free 122MB memory card and get playing on Xbox Live.

Instructions from the site:

How do I locate my Console Serial Number and Console ID

Each Xbox 360 console has a unique, 12-digit serial number and a separate 12-digit Console ID . The Console Serial Number and Console ID are both located in the System Information area of the Xbox 360 Dashboard:

Turn on your Xbox 360 Console
Scroll right to the System area. This may also be System Settings depending on your version of the dash
Select Console Settings
Select System Info
Write down your Console Serial Number and Console ID

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