Xbox 360 120gb hard drive expansion pack £79.99 with free delivery

xbox 360 120gb hard driveFed up with filling your 360’s existing hard drive and find the standard 20gb version is not enough?

The Xbox 360 120gb hard drive has dropped in price recently along with the price of the xbox 360 consoles as already reported.

You can currently get the 120gb 360 hard drive for £179.99 with free delivery, perfect for all that downloadable content available and at least compared to the standard version you will find it a lot harder to fill. 

Now you can add all your video’s, music, pictures and games all in one place.  Plus if you currently have the standard hard drive version at the moment you can transfer all the contents including gamertag, saves and demo’s over to the new hard drive and maybe sell it on ebay to recoup some of the cost of this version.

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