Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive New £34.99

120gb-hard-driveThanks to Mike for emailing in this great offer for a Xbox 360 120GB hard drive.

This is for an official Microsoft 120GB hard drive from Argos via thier eBay store. The price includes free delivery and a 12 month guarantee.

Given the unofficial version is selling on eBay for only a few pounds less and without the 12 months guarantee this is perfect for anyone wanting extra storage for their Xbox 360 or if you are looking to upgrade your hard drive to something bigger.

Click here for the offer (direct link)

Please note that this will not work with the new slim version of the Xbox 360.

If you find a better deal or in fact any deal that you feel should be on then please do get in touch by adding a comment below.  Or visit our xbox 360 forum and add the offer there.

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