Xbox 360 250GB – £159.99 @ Amazon

Amazon have dropped the price of the Xbox 360 250GB to just £159.99 which brings it in line with that of

What Amazon do have over Game is that when you buy a console from them at the moment you can add a 12 month Xbox Live membership for an extra £15. These are usually around £30 online depending where you buy them in fact Amazon themselves list the product for £29.97 on their site when purchased on it’s own.

Click here for the offer (direct link)

This is the best 250GB console offer available at the moment. If you are thinking of taking your new Xbox 360 online then the £15 extra for 12 months subscription to Xbox Live makes this deal that little bit better.

Xbox 360 250GB in more detail

The new, slimmer Xbox 360 comes complete with in a shiny black gloss finish and unlike the previous versions comes complete with built-in Wi-Fi, making online gaming access easier than ever. For anyone interested in getting Kinect the new slimline version is Kinect ready.

Full features list:
Built-in Wi-Fi
250GB Hard Drive
Kinect Ready
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Black)
Xbox 360 Headset (Black)
More Ports

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