Xbox 360 250GB £159.99 Price Drop have once again dropped the price of the Xbox 360 250GB this time to £159.99.

For those that follow the price of the console it’s not the first time the price has dropped as online retailers including the likes of, Amazon and Comet jostle to become the market leader on price. These deals soon increase again though up to around the £175 mark which seems to be the norm against the RRP of £200 or so.

Click here for the offer (direct link)

What does this mean?
What it does show is that either sales are slowing at the usual price and maybe the retailers have excess stock the are looking to shift.

Is this the best deal/offer?
If you want just the console then yes, the price has dropped as low as £149.98 a month or so ago but at the moment it is the cheapest 250GB version by around £15 ( next see here).

If however you are looking for a bundle then Game are also selling the Kinect along with this console priced at £219.99 meaning the Kinect is being sold for £60 which is a very good price given the RRP is double that and the cheapest Kinect on it’s own is around the £105 mark depending where you shop online (see our Kinect guide).

So if you are planning on buying an Xbox 360 console with Kinect in the near future then now would be a perfect time to snap up this offer from Game.

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