Xbox 360 250GB Battlefield 3 Bundle + 12 Months Live £179.99

Battlefield 3 Bundle

amazon battlefield 3 bundle

Amazon have released an amazing bundle offer to coincide with the launch of Battlefield 3 which is released today.

The bundle is as follows:

Xbox 360 250GB
Battlefield 3
12 Months Xbox Live subscription

All for just £179.99

EDIT *** This offer has now expired and has been replaced with a game and free HDMi cable for £199.99

Click here for the offer (direct link)

This really is a great offer and ideal for anyone thinking of getting a condole for the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 as you get 12 months live thrown in so you are ready to jump online and play as soon as it arrives.

Breaking the bundle down the console works out at around £110 which is super cheap and lower than the 4GB version:

Battlefield 3 – £40
12 Months Live – £30
250GB Xbox – £110

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    4 thoughts on “Xbox 360 250GB Battlefield 3 Bundle + 12 Months Live £179.99

    1. Can you please explain how the promotion works with the discount as when we had ticked the boxes,selected the delivery method & then porceeded to the checkout it added to over £233.00 instead of then advertised offer of £179.99.
      We tried this a few times following the instructions that were given & it still added up to over £233.
      Please can you help us with this or investigate what/where we have gone wrong.
      I look forward to your reply

      Kind Regards

      Alex Beaven

    2. Alex,

      This offer has now finished and we have amended the details of the offer above.

      The offer was added on 28th October and Amazon regularly change their deals.

      If you wish to purchase the new bundle of:
      Xbox 360 250GB – £189.99
      HDMi Cable – £free
      1 x game – £10

      Add each item to your basket and at the checkout stage the discount will be applied bringing the total to £199.99.


      • It is although they change their offers al the time so if you are not in a rush then another good offer may come along, maybe even as soon as the 8th November when MW3 is released.

        No way of knowing for sure though.

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