Xbox 360 250GB Elite Slimline Console – £199.99 Pre-Order


Xbox 360 Slimline

Following the announcement on the opening day of E3 many Uk retailers have started to advertise and take pre-orders for the new Xbox 360 250GB Elite Slimline.

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With a recommended retail price of £199.99 and a release date of 16th July 2010 the new Xbox 360 Slimline fits in nicely between the Elite and Super Elite attempting to fix the annoying things about the original Xbox 360 as follows:

Sleek New Design
A bold design and the glossy, black finish mean that the new Xbox 360 looks every bit as good as it performs.
(The Xbox 360 was always going to go slim to extend the product lifespan much in the same was as the PS3 has done)

Built-in Wi-Fi
Easily connect to Xbox LIVE, play with friends all over the world, and experience a world of entertainment.
(One of the big missing features of the original was the requirement to buy an additional wireless adapter)

250GB Hard Drive
The giant hard drive is perfect for downloading and storing HD films, games, game add-ons, music and more.
(Now the norm to have a large hard drive especially as the 360 seems to be heading much more down the downloadable content route)

Whisper Quiet
The new Xbox 360 runs whisper quiet, allowing you to play games and watch films without interference.
(One of the main flaws of the original 360 was how loud it was especially when trying to watch a film or during quiet parts of a game).

Overall I can see the new Slimline selling well and being the preferred choice and if we get a more basic version it looks like the new design will replace the old one all together in the not so distant future.

Click here to pre-order yours from Amazon.

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