Xbox 360 60GB Now Under £150

Xbox 360 60GB

For a few months now it has been known that the 60GB version of the xbox 360 was being phased out. With the drop in the Elite to under £190 over the past few months or so it would only be a matter of time before online retailers reduced the price of the 60GB also.

This has seen the cheapest xbox 360 60gb freefall from around £165-£170 earlier this year to £149.99 at the time of writing from Sainsburys

**EDIT – This price has reduced further as at 26/11/09 to £139.99 – however the stock is limited**

xbox 360 60gb from sainsburys

What this does mean though is that the last stock of the 60GB is being shifted and with retailers such as Amazon now havign very short supplies of the 60GB version it will only be a matter of time now before they are no longer available. This will leave the entry level Arcade the Elite and the relatively new Super Elite as the three models in which to choose from.

xbox 360 60gb premium

Personally I think the Elite represents best value for money at the moment and you can be sure that with the larger retailers you are going to get a reliable console as they are selling them rather quickly at the moment so the chipsets are likely to be the newer versions that are less prone to overheating and the dreaded RROD.

For £150 though you really cant go wrong with a 60GB version and if your budget can’t stretch to the Elite or you are not bothered about the larger 120GB hard drive then I think its a good enough offer to snap up at the moment and perfect for those looking for the best offer this Christmas.

If you are looking for more information on the difference between the consoles then visit our xbox 360 comparison page for plently of information and specifications.

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