Xbox 360 60GB to be phased out?

Is the 60GB version of the Xbox 360 to be phased out?

With the recent Xbox 360 price cut where the Elite was reduced to uder £200 there seems to be a lack of online retailers selling the 60GB version of the Xbox 360. Does this mean that Microsoft are looking to phase it out? After all the price difference of £30 or so certainly means it is currently much better value for money to buy an Elite over a 60GB premium version.

For the extra £30 or so you get an additional 60GB hard drive which is worth it alone.

It would make sense for Microsoft to concerntrate on puchsing two different versions to two different markets rather than selling the middle of the range version alongside them but time will tell.

There has never been a better time to get a 360 and in the run up to Christmas i’m sure Microsoft are looking to gain more market share ahead of the expensive PS3 and pound for pound the 360 beats it and the impressive Nintendo Wii hands down in terms of performance against price.

Then again we would say that as we are biased! But it’s still true…..

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