Xbox 360 Accessories

Xbox 360 accessories come in a variety of types, many are compatible with a PC such as the controller, live vision camera and wireless headset.

Below is a list of the accessories available for the Xbox 360 console. This is will be added to and updated as new items are released and where applicable will link to sub pages containing more detailed information on that particular product.

1. Xbox 360 Controllers – Available in wired and wireless format and comes in white and black as standard.
2. Play and Charge Kit – Allowing the controller to be charged while playing.
3. Quick Charge Kit – Charges upto two rechargeable battery packs quicker than the play and charge kit.
4. Xbox 360 Messenger Kit – Small keyboard that attaches to the Xbox 360 controller
5. Media Remote – Assists with DVD and music playback
6. Wireless Steering Wheel – Complete with pedals, a perfect accessory for such games as PGR, TDU and Forza.
7. Guitar Hero Controllers – Guitar controller for the popular Guitar Hero series of games.
8. AV Connectors and Cables – Such as the HDMI and Component video cable.
9. HD DVD Player – Allows playback of HD DVD’s, although now discontinued.
10. Gaming Headsets – Wired and wireless available for online in game chat.
11. Live vision camera – Allows in game interaction with the player on compatible titles.
12. Hard Drives – Available in 20GB, 60GB, or 120GB format.
13. Memory Cards – Supplied with the Arcade console as a much smaller alternative to the hard drive.
14. Faceplates – Allow customisation of the console and controller.
15. Wireless Network Adapter – An alternative to the wired connection also known as the Xbox Wireless Adapter.
16. Cooling fans – Perfect at keeping the Xbox 360 cool and reduces overheating poblems.
17. Gaming chairs – Great for keeping comfortable while gaming.
18. Xbox Live Membership – What you will need to be able to play online. Available in various forms from 1 month to 12 month subscriptions.
19. Hori Fighting Stick – A must controller for serious fighting game fans and perfect for the likes of Street Fighter etc.
20. Xbox Kinect – Previously called Project Natal, Kinect for Xbox 360 is the latest advance in motion controllers, giving the Xbox 360 the ability to work with movement rather than the traditional controller.

If you are aware of any other accessories that we may have missed on the above list then contact us below and we will add them.

We will also be adding guides and detailed information on each Xbox 360 accessory as and when we can to make this page a handy resource for future reference and more general content such as this article on Xbox 360 cables.

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