Xbox 360 Cables

Xbox 360 cables are an essential part of the gaming experience and something that we should all be aware of. As awesome as the Xbox 360 is, it would be nothing without the cables that connect it to all the other high-spec equipment you surround yourself with. Of course there are a number Official Xbox 360 cables available, and most Xboxes and bundles come with the standard essentials included, but as with anything there are always great alternatives, on both an official and un-official basis.

The Xbox 360 cables you are most likely to need, for the smooth running of your kit, are AV cables. All current models of the Xbox 360 come with a Composite AV Cable, which ass the name suggests is able to support composite videos run through your system. This cable really is the standard AV option and is widely known to be the poorest quality choice, which is why it is in your best interests to shop around.

There are two main alternatives, for those of us that aren’t lucky enough to have HD TV’s that can give you better picture quality. The first is the S-Video AV cable, which supports both S-Video and Composite videos and gives a better picture quality than the standard. However your best option, if the picture quality still isn’t good enough for you, is the Advanced SCART AV Cable. This is only available in Europe and Australasia and unfortunately for the rest of the world it is the best option available. With an integrated TOSLINK connector and excellent picture quality this is money well spent to replace the composite.

Then of course there are the cables for those of us who do have HD TV’s. The Component HD AV Cable which comes bundled with all Pro and Elite models, as well as separately, which according to Microsoft is not only the cable to let you view High definition graphics, but also listen to High quality audio through the stereo connection which is included.

And then there’s top Xbox 360 cable which should be considered an essential. The cable that no serious Xbox gamer would want to live without, the seemingly innocent looking but power packing, game making quality cable that is the Xbox 360 HDMI cable. This cable supports RGBHV (HDMI) video up to 1080p picture quality and outstanding audio, through one single wire. The cable came included with every Elite model before September 2009 and is still available separately. If you don’t have one already I strongly suggest you go out and get one. Now some Xbox 360 models will also require you to have a HDMI Audio Adapter in order to provide TOSLINK alongside the HDMI cable.

These are the official cables, manufactured by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 but there are plenty of different versions available from most electronics suppliers, although with prices pretty much the same whether you go official or un-official it makes sense to stick with the merchandise that was made specifically for your Xbox 360.

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