Xbox Wireless Adapter

I am sure you will agree losing your internet connection in the middle of a battle, because of a loose wire, is one of the most irritating things to happen when you are in the zone- in my opinion this travesty is second only to lag. So why do we put up with loose connections and trailing wires, that annoy us so often when there is an obvious and simple solution?

It’s 2012, our home phones are wireless, our mobile phones are wireless and our internet is wireless so It’s about time our Xbox connection was made wireless with an Xbox Wireless Adaptor. The Xbox 360 Wireless N Network Adapter from Microsoft is the perfect replacement for errant wires that you just don’t need. A network adapter like this one is quite simply an interface controller which connects you to the Xbox Live network. In much the same way your router hooks your laptop or PC’s up to the internet- an Xbox 360 wireless adapter will attract your internet signal and then create a network between that and your Xbox. Basically it means you can log on to Xbox Live instantly without any wires!

Public opinion suggests that if you pair the adapter with the right network connection you can almost completely do away with the dreaded lag. That’s two “birds” with one very small, compact “stone” that plugs straight into the back of your Xbox. Does it get any better? Well yes actually, because not only does an Xbox wireless adapter significantly improve the lag situation, it also does away with the “flying across the room” type accidents caused by tripping over wires, and it gives you one less thing to worry about when you are involved in the most important game, of Modern Warfare, ever. Now I’m sure you’ve all either heard or used the old “It wasn’t my fault, it was the connection/lag/some other equipment malfunction…” excuse and it has probably worked well for you in the past but, no more. With the Xbox 360 Wireless N Network Adapter there is nowhere to hide, nothing else to blame, it is just you, your multiplayer team-mates and an interruption free network connection…time to up your game.

Purchasing a wireless Network Adapter, be it the official Xbox one or the Microsoft endorsed “Datel Wireless and Network Adapter” is thought to be a great investment, especially if rumours surrounding the Xbox 720 are to be believed. Some leaked information has suggested that the 720 will operate on an always online basis and the adapter makes this much easier to work with.

With most official Xbox products you can get a cheaper alternative but with the Network adapter only the official product or the Datel version will work with your machine. Annoying maybe but you really are getting a quality product for your money, and now that they aren’t quite as new, you can pick one up for less than £40 from any good stockist, like Amazon or Argos.

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