Xbox 360 Arcade Console 5 Arcade Games – £148.48 With Fee Delivered

xbox 360 arcadeThe Xbox 360 Arcade is the new entry model xbox 360 available with a wireless controller, memory card are currently 5 free arcade games.

For a limited period of time it is available for just £148.48 from Amazon here.

It is also available with the following offers including the soon to be released grand theft auto 4:

Grand Theft Auto IV together with the console: and Amazon take £10 off your order at checkout. Use code XBOXGTA4.

Halo 3 for £10: Buy this console and Halo 3 from Amazon, and Amazon reduce Halo 3 at checkout to just £10.

Great Game for £20: Buy this console and Assassin’s Creed, Burnout Paradise, or other selected titles from Amazon, and the price of the game will be deducted at checkout to £20. Use code XBXGAMEZ.

The final offer is as follows:

Wireless Entertainment Pack for £25: When you buy this console from Amazon with the Wireless Entertainment Pack 2 which includes a controller and two games the Pack price will be reduced at checkout to £25.

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