Xbox 360 Arcade Console – £91.15

Following an update to the main console offers page of the site we felt that a post highlighing the new lowest price for the xbox 360 arcade was worthy.

This is possibly the lowest price seen for the arcade version before and makes the 360 less costly than a handheld console such as the Nintendo DSi!

The Very website shows the console at £109 at the moment but when entering the code XX958 at the checkout you can get 20% off this price which brings the console down to £91.15 including delivery. Please note that this is only for new customers and the code may not work, however even without the discount this is still the cheapest xbox 360 arcade console currently available.

xbox 360 arcade from very

For those wanting a hard drive Sainsburys still have the best offer available priced at £144.99, so for an extra £35 above the price of this offer you will get a 60GB hard drive, if this is not needed however then this is the best deal around at the moment.

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