Xbox 360 Bundles

As a species we are always looking for a deal, trying to save a bit of money, or even just hoping to get something for free. It’s human nature to want more for our money. So when you hear the word bundle, if you are anything like me you will at least be a little intrigued as to what you are being offered.

There are many Xbox bundles available on the market and the choice available and the combination of consoles, kinect, games, accessories and live memberships is what attracts many. The chance to save money whilst getting everything you need for the ultimate gaming experience in one handy bundle!

Xbox 360 bundles regularly change throughout the seasons alongside the launch of new best selling games which means you are often spoilt for choice when it comes to your new console. Buying an Xbox 360 bundle is very much like your own mini Christmas!

Imagine your packaged bundle arriving, with brand new 250GB Kinect ready, Xbox 360 S, but that’s not all. Digging to the bottom of the box you find not just Batman Arkham City and Green Lantern games but also Gotham Knight and Green Lantern DVD’s. All yours and all for under £250, a new bundle which is currently available! Oh and did I mention that Amazon run a promotion that says when you buy this bundle or any other console you can add a game of your choice (from a selection) or a 12 month Xbox Live membership for just £20?

The selection of great Xbox 360 bundle deals can tempt anyone, no matter what their gaming preferences.
There are so many different kinds of bundles available from the simple, Xbox 360 console with Kinect bundle, to bundles like the one above, with many other variations in between. And then there are bundles like the Star Wars inspired bundle on Amazon. This bundle comes with:
• A blue and whiteR2-D2-themed 320GB Xbox 360 Console with custom sounds
• One of the first ever, White Kinect Sensors, for Xbox 360
• The Kinect Star Wars game
• The Kinect Adventures game
• A gold C3PO-themed Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
• An Xbox 360 wired headset
• And One Month’s Xbox LIVE Gold Membership

You get all of that for £399.98, now that is what I call a deal.

Looking at all the bundles on Amazon and got me thinking about the ultimate bundle. What would be in it? Would there be a theme? How much would it cost? Obviously everybody’s ultimate bundle would be different. Tell us what would be your perfect Xbox 360 bundle?

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