Xbox 360 Capture Cards

Ever scored a goal Messi would be proud of, on FIFA, and wanted to show it off to all your friends? Figured out a secret trick in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and felt it was only fair you uploaded it to YouTube, as a tutorial for all those noobs that can’t do it themselves? Or decided that a game was just so good it deserved an interactive review? Capture Cards are the answer. Also known as video/game cards or boards, these are the perfect addition for any serious gamer’s Xbox kit.

Capture cards are used to take screen shots and work by linking analogue and digital signals, cards or boards today can record gameplay in real-time as you continue to play your awesome game in HD. The best ones also come with the capabilities to edit and personalise your videos. So you too can become the walkthrough master with a few tweaks, some added voiceovers and a little bit of skill.

If you’ve never used a capture card before they can be quite daunting at first, that’s why Roxio have created the “Game Capture”, this is the easy to use, easy to set-up beginner capture card that will serve you well, even when you’ve figured out how everything works. This compact and portable piece of equipment runs NVIDIA® CUDA, ATI Stream and Intel® Enhanced for Core technologies which makes for enhanced video encoding. The Roxio Game Capture is really a one stop shop for recording the best of your abilities, which you can do in AV1, DVIx and WMV. This excellent product will also set you back less than £60.

ClimaxDigital UK have a simple alternative that will allow you to simply plug in and go. Using ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 3.5 software, it allows you to edit your recordings on any computer with a USB port, before uploading it to your chosen sharing platform. Of course if your initial recording is good enough without any alterations then the ClimaxDigital VCAP301 USB 2.0 lets you preview it on your monitor in a split screen and then pop it straight up on YouTube or WeGame.

Research shows that the most popular capture card for those on a budget is the Roxio, however if you can spare the change most of the prominent walkthrough and tutorial makers on YouTube will tell you to buy the Hauppauge HD PVR. This top spec piece of hardware will set you back around £16, but with a built in encoder, Blu-ray recording functions and the ability to change the channels on your set-top box, it is well worth the extra cash.

Of course there are lots of options on the market, from one stop shop capture card packages that do everything in one place, to simple plug-ins that simply capture the images on screen. It all depends on your budget, and of course your technical knowledge. There are so many places to pick one up, and if you do encounter any difficulties there is plenty of help on the forums.

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