Xbox 360 Controller Prices

xbox 360 controllerThe Xbox 360 contoller, also known as a gamepad comes in various styles, both wired and wireless. Whether you have the standard grey/white colour, black Elite version, light blue or are a bit of a gamer chick and prefer pink there are a variety of colours to suit all.

In addition to the above colours there were also limited edition colours released and one off designs mainly featured around the Halo 3 game.

Alongside the standard controller there are also other contollers available for different sorts of games, but we will cover them in a separate topic and link to it once complete.

If you have or want a wireless version then you may also want to consider getting a duel charge stand to charge your controllers on, you will also be better off using rechargeable battery packs which will help save you money in the long run.

Like with most things you can also customise you 360 controller with various skins available both unique and also some which may compliment a design you have on your itself.

Wired Controller

Wireless Controller

Visit Wikipedia for more information on the Xbox 360 controller.

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