Xbox 360 Covers

The Xbox 360 is pretty sleek-be it white or black, its curved lines and neutral shades lend it an air of modern beauty, but is that what you really want from a games console? It doesn’t stand out in a room, it doesn’t reflect all the amazing games you can play on it, it just kind of fades into the background and looks like every other piece of electronic equipment in your house.

I am a firm believer that something as fun as an Xbox 360 should look like it is fun to play with, and that is where covers, skins and faceplates come in to the equation. Websites like have a cover or skin for every gamer; from the crest of your favourite football team or your national flag, to your favourite character from your favourite game. The possibilities are extensive and your imagination is the only real obstacle when it comes to customising your Xbox 360 with a skin. Of course it is not just consoles that can get the decal treatment- there are also nifty little matching Xbox 360 covers for your Xbox controllers and Kinect.

While most 360 covers are simply faceplates and skins that wrap around your box, there are a few extra special varieties out there. Take MLG AND Calibur 11’s Digi-camo vault- this cover comes with the standard MLG nameplate and digi-camo design , alongside a controller cradle and a full on 3D apocalypse android head, with light up eyes. This is a 360 cover that any pro-gamer would, or should, be proud to display in their gaming area.

Football families may compete with various clubs such Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC skins but it is not all about football teams and game characters. The sky really is the limit when it comes to covers.

Various online gaming resources are home to so many options and you can even create your own skins, using personal pictures or anything else your heart desires. If you prefer art and design rather than the gaming themed skins available you can turn your console into a work of art with a selection of bold patterned skins. Most covers and skins come with matching faceplates so your console will have a full makeover, and if they don’t come together there are plenty of faceplates available from any reputable computer stores.

The internet is awash with choices for all you customisation ready gamers, out there. Amazon, eBay, Play, and a plethora of websites have some of the best available.

If you are not sure what kind of cover you want for your Xbox 360 then never fear there are literally thousands of images online that are just waiting to inspire you. has showcased some of the best covers and skins out there at the moment and these range from; Alligator skin, reflective chrome, clear Perspex casing and LED lights that highlight how the internal Xbox works, cut out windows and even 3D landscaping- show that nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it.

The same two rules apply to covers that apply to modding. 1) Bend your Xbox to your ideas or 2) Bend your ideas to the Xbox.

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