Xbox 360 Crysis 2 – £22.99 On Offer At Game

Xbox 360 Crysis 2 – £22.99

Another offer from this time it’s Crysis 2 released 25 March 2011.

We featured a special offer from last month for Crysis 2 when it dropped to £24.99 which then was a great offer since the game was a little over a month old at the time.

Now a month on and the price has dropped further, and at £22.99 it is the cheapest around my some margin the next best prices being:

The Game Collection – £29.99
Coolshop – £31.99
Amazon – £33.59
DVD.CO.UK – £35.59 – £35.59

Click here for the offer (direct link)

Is it worth getting?
In our opinion yes it is. If your a fan of COD and many will compare it to that it’s the sort of game that you will very much enjoy. Those who are not fans of FPS may want to give this a miss as there is little new that the game brings to genre.

The single player campaign is worthy of playing through and if you want a challenge then start straight on Super soldier difficulty, that way you will get the most out of the single player side of the game and with average times running into 8 – 10 hours to complete the game at this level you are getting more gameplay for your money.
The only thing we would say at this point is that there have been comments posted on various message boards around the internet about the achievement unlocked for doing such is a little hit and miss, although this will surely be patched in an update if not already.

Crysis 2 Xbox 360 – Review

The first thing you will notice when you start playing are the graphics which are pretty fantastic and visually the game is very pleasing on the eye.

What the does game add and makes it different to other’s in the genre is the ability to play the game in a more stealth mode rather than go in all guns blazing which is still possible but there is something quite satisfying in taking out the enemy one by one by using your invisible power.
It all depends on how you want to play the game, those familiar with Metal Gear Solid and the stealth side of things will understand the idea.

For anyone wondering about this being a sequel given the number 2 in the title and the need to play the first Crysis game then fear not as the story is independant. However we would recommend getting them both if you have played one and not the other as they are both very good games.

Overall a good game with pleasing visuals and a good story that helps improve the gameplay aspect further.


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