Xbox 360 Differences

Xbox 360 Different Consoles

We get asked questions via the comments section on our pages and through our email all the time and where we think it may help our users we add the answers to the xbox 360 faq section of the site.

Since the introduction of the new slim version of the 360 we are often asked about the different types of Xbox 360 so here is a more detailed explaination for anyone that needs it.

Current models
Xbox 360 slim

The current version of the Xbox 360 known as the slim or slimline version features a slimmer redesigned case hence the name compared to the original discontinued models. They come in two distinct versions:

Xbox 360 4GB
Xbox 360 250GB

The Xbox 360 4GB is the entry level model designed for the more casual gamer and the 250GB version is designed for the more serious gamer due to it’s larger hard drive. This is the main difference between the two models other than the 4GB having a matte black finish in comparison to the glossy black finish of the larger hard drive version.

Each version comes complete with built in wi-fi a feature lacking in the original version of the console.

What is the difference?
The main difference is the price due to the larger hard drive. This does not affect the console in any way other than restricting the amount of content that can be stored on the console. The 4GB version is fairly limited in the amount of content such as music, videos and games that it can store on the hard drive.

Original xbox 360
Original Xbox 360 – now discontinued

The original Xbox 360 started life as in three distinct types, the core (replaced later by the arcade), the pro or premium model which featured either a 20GB or 60GB hard drive and the Elite which came with a 120GB hard drive.

Later on came various special editions such as the Super Elite with 250GB hard drive plus many other version such as game specific models including a Modern Warfare 2 designed Xbox 360 and one to coincide with the launch of Halo 3.

Comparison table

Model   Storage   HDMI   Appearance   Accessories/Bundled items   RRP (at launch)   First available   In production
Slim   250 GB HDD   Yes   Gloss black   Wireless controller   £199.99   16th July 2010   Yes
            Gloss black disc drive   Wired Headset            
                Composite video cable            
Slim   4 GB onboard   Yes   Matte black   Wireless controller   £149.99   20th August 2010   Yes
            Matte black disc drive   Composite video cable            
Elite   250 GB HDD   Yes   Matte black   Ethernet cable   £249.99   23rd October 2009   No
            Chrome disc drive   Wired Headset            
                2 wireless controllers            
Elite   120 GB HDD           Composite video cable   £199.99   29th April 2007   No
                1 wireless controller            
Arcade   512 MB onboard   Yes   Matte white   Wireless controller   £159.99   June 2009   No
Arcade   256 MB onboard       Matte white disc drive   Composite video cable   £159.99   December 2008   No
Arcade   256 MB memory unit           Xbox Live Arcade compilation disc (not included with all units)   £159.99   23rd October 2007   No
Pro   60 GB HDD   Yes   Matte white   Wireless controller   £169.99   1st September 2008   No
            Chrome disc drive   Ethernet cable            
                Wired Headset            
Pro   20 GB HDD   After 2007       Hybrid video cable       22 November 2005   No
Core   None   No   Matte white   Wired controller   £199.99   22 November 2005   No
            Matte white disc drive   Composite video cable            

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