Xbox 360 Elite 120GB – £159.00 have dropped the price of the standard 120GB Xbox 360 Elite to just £159.00 at the moment, making it the cheapest xbox 360 elite (none slim version) currently available 360 elite 120gb

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Compared to the slim version of the Elite this is a fair deal. The slim version is currently available for around £190 so this price represents a good saving if you dont mind the added features and slimmer styling that comes with the new xbox 360 slim.

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Quick differences between the old and new models are. New version gets a larger hard drive of 250GB up from 120GB, the new version also gets a slimmer design and built in wi-fi.

There is a slim arcade model due out later this month priced around the £140 mark and available for pre-order from a number of online retailers.

If you do happen to come across a better deal or in fact any deal that you feel we should feature on the site then please do get in touch by adding a comment below.  Or why not visit our xbox 360 forum.

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