Xbox 360 Elite – Free Resident Evil 5 and Extra Wireless Controller £209.59

Amazon have changed their Xbox 360 elite offer slightly to conicide with the release of Residen Evil 5. Fans of the popular game series ma be looking to buy an xbox 360 elite and now is a great time to do so with this deal.

The elite console comes bundled with the following extra’s for the same price as the elite was previously sold at Amazon:

Resident Evil 5
Extra Wireless Controller

In money terms taking into account the above extra’s and their RRP the elite works out at around £160-£170 and if the game is not your sort of thing it should be good for £25-£30 on eBay, meaning you will be left with an brand new elite and additional wireless controller for less than £200, now thats a cheap xbox 360 elite!.


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