Xbox 360 Elite Bundle With PGR4 & Stuntman Ignition £249.99

xbox 360 eliteComet are currently offering a great value Xbox 360 Elite bundle with 2 games for just under £250 (found by a 360 bargains reader Neil -thanks!).

The bundle offer available is as follows:
Xbox 360 Elite Console
120GB Hard Drive
Wireless Controller
Xbox Live Headset
PGR4 (Project Gotham Racing 4)
Stuntman: Ignition

An Xbox 360 Elite with two games is a great deal, taking into account the two games your getting an Elite console for just over the £200 mark!

More information on this offer – click here

    4 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Elite Bundle With PGR4 & Stuntman Ignition £249.99

    1. Strange that they want ten quid more for a console with no games at all…. are they old stock with older motherboards etc?

    2. No idea, i guess they are leaving the non bundle console up for when they decide to pull the bundle offer. It just show’s how much of a good offer the bundle offer is when compared.

    3. i bought this item today, its 175w so i presume its a later model but im no expert, tell me what to look for and ill tell you if its older/newer model

    4. Thanks for the offer mate, that’s very decent of you. I have decided to bite the bullet and get one of these as the offer keeps coming and going on their site. I hope I’m not disapointed !

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