Xbox 360 Elite Bundles From Game From £199.99

With the recent price cut to the Xbox 360 Elite, some retailers have started to turn up the heat a little by offering some good bundle deals. Take for example the following example from Game which in my opinion is the best bundle they currently have on offer:

Xbox 360 Elite with Call Of Duty IV and Grand Theft Auto IV for just £199.99.

elite bundles

For the price of the console on its own from many retailers you can also get two cracking games bundled in. In my opinion both COD 4 and GTA 4 are both great games and worthy to be in anyone’s game collection. Taking into account the upcoming future releases on the 360 it’s a great time to be buying the range toping version.

elite bundle from game

Even if Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is due out very soon COD4 is still in many people’s eyes the best online experience and even still competes in the top 10 against the latest COD Modern Warfare in the charts after all this time.

Grand Theft Auto IV needs no introduction and with the additional download content available which add that extra gameplay to the game it is well worth completing and working through.

All in all a great bundle offer and well worth considering if an Elite is on your shopping list.

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