Xbox 360 Elite Console Now Under £200

Game have dropped the price of the Xbox 360 Elite down to just £199.99, for a limited time you can grab a top of the range black Elite console, featuring a 120GB Hard drive, HDMI functionality and a FREE copy of Halo 3 or Need For Speed: Undercover for less than £200.

EDIT*** Littlewoods Extra have pulled out all the stops and reduced the elite to £179 – here ***EDIT

xbox 360 elite console

Given each game is worth around £20 the bundle offer means you are getting an elite for around the £180 mark which given the elite has an extra 60GB of hard drive spare over the premium edition it works out to be a lot better value for money, plus the black elite looks much better in my opinion.

If on the other hand you are not a fan of either of the above games then you have the option of using Amazon, who have also at the same time dropped the price of their xbox 360 elite consoles to compete directly with Game. Amazon have consistently offered the best prices across the range of consoles so it was only a matter of time before they followed suite. A cheap xbox 360 means cheap and innexpensive gaming.

Amazon are offering the elite for £195.73 delivered, there is no idea how long this offer will last and as mentioned above we have hit the lowest price for an elite and it may go back up.

Again the Game offer is likely to only last for a limited time (may only be a week) so if your planning on buying a new elite then grab one quickly before the prices increase or stock runs out.

Amazon: BUY NOW

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