Xbox 360 Elite

If I asked you what type of Xbox you had, I’d put money on the fact that you would say “I’ve got the Elite” or at least “Oh I had the Elite until recently but traded it in for a Slim, because I like new things.” The fact is that so far the Xbox 360 Elite is the longest running and most popular incarnation of the Xbox 360 system.

Born in 2007 the Xbox 360 Elite was discontinued in 2010 and even then that was simply just due to the launch of the Xbox 360 S. I’m inclined to believe that Microsoft decided to stop making the older model because even they thought that their new configuration was unlikely to sell well against the 120GB Elite, or 250GB Super Elite.

The Elite is the most recognisable of the Xbox 360 family, available initially in a matte black finish, and much later in the typical “Arctic White” colour of its predecessors. The sleek curves and soft edges were a welcome relief from the harsh lines of other consoles, on the market at the same time. But the Xbox 360 gamer favourite was, and still is, so much more than just a games console that looks nice standing next to your TV. The Xbox 360 Elite is a media hub that just stylish in any living room.

Whether you chose the Elite or the Super Elite, you were getting a vast amount of storage space, and access to both the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the Zune Marketplace. The inclusion of a HD port on the console also meant that with one little cable-the HDMI cable that came with the console- you could hook your system up to a HD TV and play in glorious high definition.

It is true that the Xbox 360 Elite is only more popular than the consoles that came before it, because of the massive hard drive that came with the console, but that doesn’t explain why it lasted so long and stayed so popular. I think the fact that despite initial teething problems, the Xbox 360 Elite hasn’t had much issues-technical or otherwise. There haven’t been any massive personal information leaks, the system doesn’t just break beyond any chance of repair for no reason, and Microsoft have constantly updated what it can do and where it can take its gamers.

I can only assume that the steady flux of Xbox exclusive titles, downloadable content and fancy modifications, have had something to do with the consoles outstanding success. That and the fact that it was and is priced much cheaper than its main competitor, that other 7th generation console the PS3. Whatever it is that makes the Elite special may always remain a mystery but the figures don’t lie and neither do the gamers who have regularly voted it their favourite, so all that is left to say is welcome to the world of iconic consoles Xbox 360 Elite.

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