Xbox 360 FAQs

Below are the most common questions we get asked from users of so rather than replying each time someone asks a question with the same answer this page will provide a location to direct anyone with common questions and aim to provide a useful resource for users of this site particularly those new to the Xbox 360 console.

Common questions:

Q: Do I need to buy a play and charge kit to use the Xbox 360 wireless controller?
A: Wireless controllers come out of the box with the ability to run off standard batteries including rechargeable ones. If you wish to use the rechargeable battery pack, then you will need to buy play and charge kit which comes with a rechargeable battery pack.  Controllers not in use are charged via the play and charge kit rather than switching batteries and charging them separately.

Q: What resolutions does the Xbox 360 support?
A: All games are 720p compatible which is best suited to gaming 1080i is also an option to play games with.

Q: Can I use an old original Xbox Live headset with the Xbox 360?
A: Yes, connect the headset to the controller rather than via the expansion port on the console.  Mute function will need to be enabled / dissabled through the dashboard though including controlling the volume level.

Q: What is the easiest / cheapest way to connect to Xbox Live?
A: Both the easiest and cheapest way to connect to Live with your Xbox 360 is via an ethernet cable straight from your wired/wireless router.  Other options include buying a wireless adapter or running a bridge connection.

Q: What are are Microsoft points?
A: Microsoft points are a type of currency used to buy additional games and game content via Xbox Live.  Microsoft points are purchased either via credit/debit card or in blocks with points cards.  Items vary in points cost depending on the type of item it is.

Q: Can you watch videos from a PC through on the Xbox 360?
A: Yes, provided both the console and PC are linked in someway, i.e. sharing the same router then this is possible.  Simply select Media Centre from the Xbox 360 dashboard (please note than you must be running at least Windows XP for this to work and certain video format restrictions apply).

Q: Can I Play my iPod through my Xbox 360?
A: The Xbox 360 will play mp3s stored on an iPod but cannot playback any content that has been bought through iTunes as it is restricted.

Q: Can I copy music onto the hard drive using a USB stick or over a network connection?
A: No, only music/tracks from audio CD’s can be burnt onto the Xbox 360.  If you have music you want to play on your Xbox 360 you will need to burn it onto an audio CD first before burning the tracks onto the 360.

Q: Can I charge my iPod / PSP etc using the Xbox 360?
A: Yes. Provided you have the USB charging cable for that particular device then it will charge through one of the available USB ports located on the console.

If you have any additional questions not covered above or elsewhere in the faq (frequently asked questions) section then ask away below by leaving a comment and we will do our best to reply.

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