Xbox 360 Games Rental

xbox 360 games rental

Rent Xbox 360 Games

If your like us at and like playing a selection of games at the same time then renting Xbox 360 games may be a cheaper option to buying.

Yes ok we try to give you the best xbox 360 offers and regularly update any offers found but did you know that for less than £10 per month you can rent games and get them delivered straight to your door?

The process is simple, open an account with an online games rental company (see below) add some games to your list and thats it.  The first available game on your list will be sent in the post, you play as much or as little as you want, send it back (freepost) then the next available game on your list will be sent.

It really is that easy and prices start from £3.99 per month at Boomerang Rentals for the basic 1 game at a time per month package upto over £15 per month for an all singing all dancing package with the likes of Lovefilm which will include the rental of films and games at the same time.

No paying full price for new releases just a monthly amount and receive the games straight to your door.

The online games rental services we have used in the past are:

Boomerang Rentals (free trial)
Lovefilm (free trial)

Each have provided us with decent service and my only gripe in the past is the wait for new releases which we imagine are due to the amount of stock compared to demand, however it’s still a good option is you enjoy a wide selection of games without the cost of buying a large number of games.

Other rental services:

Tesco Rental (free trial)


  • Try to keep a selection of games on your rental list to speed up the turnaround between games.
  • If you only want certain games then keep others out of your list.
  • To get the best chance of getting new releases, add them to your games list as soon as they are added to the rental website.


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