Xbox 360 Premium Console (60GB) & Call Of Duty 4 – £184.99

With the xbox 360 console price drop having just happened the prices of bundles are also dropping offering some real value for money if you are looking to get a game with a new xbox 360 console.  This has the ultimate effect of reducing the console price overall meaning you can get a real bargain if you are prepared to shop around.

xbox 360 premium bundle with call of duty 4Take this Premium bundle offer from Play for example:

The are offering a Premium xbox 360 along with Call of duty 4 (game of the year edition) for the great price of £184.99.  This is a great offer as the game is one of the best out on the console at the moment and factoring the price of the game into the offer you are getting the Premium console for around £160!

And for a limited time this bundle is available for just £179.99 when using discount code ‘VTWMDLHGPQ’. 

Click here for more information and to buy this bundle before it ends.

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