Xbox 360 Prices Rise During The First Part Of 2010

Following a successful month of sales in February 2010 which saw the Xbox 360 top the video games console chart, prices of the console have seen a slight rise as the Christmas and January sales figures drop 360 arcade package

For the first time in 2010 the prices of the Xbox 360 have seen a slight rise as Microsoft phase out the Premium version of the console leaving the Arcade entry level model along with the Elite and Super Elite.

That’s not to say things are all bad for the 360 as prices of the Elite which is being positioned to replace the Premium console have seen a drop as of late with some retailers offering the new middle of the range console for less than £150.

Stock has unfortunately run out therefore prices are across the range are at the highest they have been in 2010.

Microsoft will be looking forward and positioning themselves ready for the forthcoming release of Project Natal which is sure to boost sales further and increase competition between online retailers which in turn should help introduce lower prices and better offers.

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