Xbox 360 pro console with 60GB hard drive and free game – £169.97

xbox 360 pro with free gameAnother good offer on the xbox 360 pro console (60gb) this time from Argos – click here.

Priced at £169.97 the console comes bundled with either of the following games to get started with:

Halo 3
Viva Pinata

Simply click on the special offers through this link and add both the console and game of your choice to your shopping basket for the discount to be applied.

    2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 pro console with 60GB hard drive and free game – £169.97

    1. Hmmm.

      Just bought one of these. Mine was manufactured in 2006 and doesn’t include HDMI output.

      Dumb mistake by me, but I would suggest looking elsewhere for one that guarantees HDMI. See Woolworths, etc.

    2. It seems like the luck of the draw sometimes at the moment. As it’s Argos and the deal was for a 60GB version (which is the newer version) i would take it back to Argos and explain it’s not what you expected. I feel that’s enough of a reason for an exchange to one with HDMI or a refund. Worth a go…..

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