Xbox 360 Replacement Cases And Faceplates

If your looking for a replacement case, faceplate or controller skin for your Xbox 360 then you should consider looking at

They have available a wide range of replacement cases, faceplates and controller skins perfect if you are looking to customise your xbox 360.

Here are a selection of products available:

Xbox 360 Clear Replacement CaseXbox 360 Clear Replacement Case

Perfect if you like seeing the inner workings of your gadgets or want your xbox 360 to be a focal point in the room, this super cool clear replacement case. 

This kit is a full Clear replacement case which includes the main console Case itself, Front Face Plate, DVD Drive Bezel, Xbox 360 metal tool to dismantle your Xbox 360 and complete fitting instructions.

Price – £34.98 – click here to buy

Xbox 360 Blue Silicon Controller Skin

Works with both the wired and wireless 360 controller this blue silicon skin provides great protection for your existing contollers and provides the following advantages:

Xbox 360 Silicon Controller Skin Blue

 – Perfect fit for the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller
– Ultra comfortable feeling
– Keep you controller dirt free and clean
– Non slip grappling

All buttons etc. are still fully accessible and an additional way to customise your console that little bit further.

Price £7.99 – click here to buy

Xbox 360 Deluxe Chrome FaceplateXbox 360  Faceplate Deluxe Chrome

Perfect for those who like a bit of bling, the deluxe chrome faceplate is something a little unique. 

 The kit comes complete with DVD eject and tray sections to complete the shiney look.

Price £15.16 – click here to buy

For more custom cases and faceplates visit

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