Xbox 360 Steering Wheels

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel

If your looking to buy an Xbox 360 steering wheel then there are 3 main different options available to you. Each having it’s own advantages whether that be price, build quality, features or brand. We take a look at the options open to you in an attempt to help you make an informed decision.

Combine any of the below with a decent steering wheel stand and or gaming chair and you will have a much improved experience when playing games such as Forza 3 and will experience a much better feel of the cars / vehicles in the game which allows you to improve you in game results on the track.

Microsoft Official Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel

Released in 2006 by Microsoft this wireless racing wheel features full force feedback, a built in controller on the steering wheel itself featuring all the buttons you need and accelerator / brake pedals. Although the wheel can run fully wireless with a controller battery pack to make use of the force feedback features an external power pack is required.

official microsoft steering wheel
What you do get with the official Microsoft Xbox 360 steering wheel version is the comfort that you are buying an official wheel that was developed alongside Forza Motorsport 2.  Reviews of the steering wheel are also promising with many Xbox 360 owners happy with the wheel given the price range it falls into.  The Microsoft Official Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel is also confirmed to work with the below games listed in alphabetical order (this list may not be exhaustive):
Burnout Paradise
Colin McRae: Dirt
Forza Motorsport 2
Forza Motorsport 3
Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Need For Speed Carbon
Need For Speed Undercover
Project Gotham Racing 3
Project Gotham Racing 4
Race Driver: Grid
Race Pro
Sega Rally Revo
Test Drive Unlimited

Madcatz 360 Steering Wheel

Fow those unfamiliar with Madcatz they are a 3rd party developer of accessories for many consoles including the Xbox 360. The Madcatz wheel is a cheaper alternative to the official wireless version and does not include force feedback which is it’s main downfall but for the price it is the cheapest racing wheel available for the 360.

This futuristic looking wheel is a good option for those looking for a cheaper alternative to the official one and those who are likely to be more of a casual user.

Logitech DriveFX Wheel

Logitech’s offering of the Driving FX Racing Wheel sits somewhere in the middle between the cheaper options and the official wireless version from Microsoft. Some prefer this version to the official one and Logitech are known to make good quality products so it’s worth considering against the Microsoft one when looking for Xbox 360 steering wheels. Although it cannot provide full force feedback it does have it’s own Axial feedback technology which does offer a very similar result.

Logitech DriveFX Xbox 360
Even without the wireless capability the Logitech DriveFX does have it’s fans so if wireless is not a necessity then this should be worth a second look.

Overall budget will probably be the resulting factor in your choice for an Xbox 360 Steering Wheel and if you can afford to stretch to the more expensive versions it will probably come down to the wireless vs wired choice in the end.

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