Xbox 360 XBLA Free game coming soon….

News has surfaced that Microsoft are planning on offering all xbox live members a free xbla download as a way of apologising for the problems and glitches which occured over the Christmas period for many xbox live members.

Microsoft have commented that the problems were caused by a surge of demand for the service over the period and with fantastic games such as Halo 3 who can blame people wanting to get some online action.

Writing on the Major Nelson website, Marc Whitten, general manager of Xbox Live, apologised for the “intermittent” service and commented that outages were driven by a record breaking number of new members signing up, and the biggest ever number of concurrent users.

As a reward for their patience, Mr Whitten said all eight million members would get access to a full Xbox Live Arcade game free of charge. Details of how to claim this game would be made available in the next few weeks, he explained.

You can subscribe to xbox live and begin playing online against others all over the world here.

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