Xbox Live Marketplace

One of the best things about the Xbox 360 is the access it allows us to have to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. A worldwide system linking gamers together so they can play multi-player games, chat, argue and access online promotional or premium content. Xbox LIVE is like a massive country for Xbox gamers and just like any country it has different regions and areas. One such region is the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

The Xbox LIVE Marketplace is just that, a virtual shopping mecca where LIVE members can download Xbox content. Be it games, trailers, demos, movies or add-ons and expansion packs the marketplace is the place to go. Just remember to get your money changed into, the Marketplace’s national currency of, Microsoft Points before you do.

The LIVE Marketplace has many areas for you to visit: The LIVE Arcade, the Video Store, Xbox LIVE Indie section, Games on Demand area, a download area and a section where you can view gamer pics and download dashboard themes. If you can’t find something you like in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace then you are in the wrong place.

Some of the sections of our little shopping universe are self-explanatory, for instance it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what goes on in the download area. This would be the place where you can download free game demos, as well as any expansions and full games straight onto your hard drive. No more waiting around for the postman to arrive!
Probably just as obvious is the video store, which is actually run by the Zune Marketplace. This section allows Xbox users to view Movies and TV Shows (in certain countries only) through their Xbox 360. Here you can purchase or rent films, and episodes of certain available shows, using your Microsoft Points. You can also view trailers of upcoming titles.

    Games on Demand

The Games on Demand section of the Marketplace is where to go to pick up a much sought after title. GoD gives you access to Xbox 360 games as well as downloadable Xbox originals that may not otherwise be available.
The Xbox LIVE Indie Games area is just the new name for the LIVE Community Games area that used to appear In the marketplace. This is the place to visit when you are looking for something a little different. Maybe you are bored of Ubisoft, EA and Namco and their big name games, fancy trying out something from lesser known developers, stepping into the Indie area puts you in direct contact with a list of titles, from independent developers, that are ready for you to download and play.

Xbox LIVE Arcade is exactly what it sounds like. It is a virtual arcade full of games, leader-boards, competitions, exclusive content and fun.
Finally, you can access the Xbox Live Marketplace on your computer as well as through your Xbox console so you can buy the latest games wherever you are!

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