Xbox One UK Release Date

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    UK Release Date

Still not announced by Microsoft the Xbox One is expected to be released during November – December 2013 in the UK if the Wikipedia page is anything to go by.

The main online retailers either don’t know the full details yet or are remaining pretty tight lipped about any information they have as the likes of Amazon who are likely to be one of the main and most popular online seller of the new console still yet to show any confirmation of the date on their Xbox One page.

    Xbox One UK Price

What we do know is that the console is going to be priced at £429 on release although I am sure given the hype and the fact that the console is due around Christmas time this may change, especially if stock becomes in short supply.

Those wanting the new console on release day would be advised to pre-order the Xbox One from of the big online retailers to secure their spot as we move into the next generation of games consoles.

Regular readers of this site may want to watch this space as we are currently working on a new site dedicated to the new console from Microsoft.

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